Local cop Steve Kelly of the Winfield Police Department recently hit a national spot of fame after a wayward text message found its way to him on Aug. 9.

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The unaware messenger, thinking they were texting someone else and despite being told they had the wrong number, asked if Kelly wanted to go to “the game,” and said “we got high together girl.”

“I just thought, this person has obviously got the wrong number, and I’m just going to try and have a little fun with them,” Kelly said. 

Kelly responded by way of a selfie, with his badge in full view, and a snarky “Are you still gonna come pick me up for the game though?”

The messenger quickly realized they had the wrong number. The encounter was light-hearted, but Kelly said it was lucky the sender messaged a cop on accident, and not someone dangerous. 

“Just make sure you’re texting the right person, make sure you’ve got the right number,” Kelly said. “Because this could have been somebody, it could have been a dangerous person that they were texting and then not even know about it. It could have gone completely the different direction and we could be out looking for somebody right now.” 

As it was, the lighthearted back-and-forth was picked up by major outlets across the country like People Magazine, the New York Post and USA Today. The original set of screencaps has been shared over 10,000 times from the Winfield Police Department’s Facebook page. Kelly is the school resource officer at Winfield Schools (where students just returned to class Aug. 14), and said so far the students haven’t made any comments about the viral post.

“I don’t know if they’ve necessarily put my face with the Facebook post yet, but I’m sure eventually someone will notice and it will spread like wildfire,” Kelly said. 

He wasn’t expecting his response to blow up like it did, and said it was humbling that the situation gained as much attention as it has. 

“I didn’t get into law enforcement to have this, but it’s humbling and it’s exciting at the same time,” Kelly said. 

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