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The Aldermen of Elsberry have approved a timeline extension for the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant by 90 days. 

At Elsberry’s City Council meeting on Sept. 14, Jim Bensman stated that Michael Hartman of the USDA had voiced concern for bidding estimates when prices are high for materials and expressed a desire to hold off on the project until funding can be secured. The project has been in the design stage of development for an extended period of time, to the dismay of the Aldermen and mayor of Elsberry. 

“Unfortunately the issues beyond the city’s control have caused this wastewater plant project to be pushed back once again,” said Elsberry Mayor Michael Short. “A project that we were initially told should only take a little over a year to complete is now going on four years, which the past and present board of Aldermen have publicly stated it was unacceptable.”

In 2016 a bond was issued for 5.5 million to build a new treatment plant. The motion to extend the timeline for the plant was unanimously passed. This extension will allow for funds to be secured and allow construction pricing to adjust to more affordable levels after the season is over. 

The timeline extension, which will push the project back several months, is another hindrance to the four-year plan that has caused discontent.

“In my opinion in regards to future projects, we will need to work on finding a different engineering company to use,” said Mayor Short.