Missouri Senator Bill Eigel

Missouri Senator Bill Eigel

Lincoln County, Mo. - True Republicans United hosted an open forum presentation by Missouri Senator Bill Eigel at the Lincoln County Council on Aging center on Nov. 16. 

The open forum included a presentation on how Missouri Senators have voted, discussed what a RINO is and how it affects the Republican party in Missouri politics, among other issues.

The term RINO stands for “Republican in Name Only” and was first conceptualized during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, referring to Republicans who campaign on Republican platforms and values but, when elected, vote on legislation that does not correlate with party lines.

“I would define a RINO as a candidate that says one thing during a campaign and then does something different when they get to Jefferson City,” Senator Eigel explained.

Senator Eigel also provided data on how Republican Senators in Mo. have voted to those at the forum. The data illuminated a nearly even split among Republican state senators, with roughly half voting conservatively on a consistent basis. 

The legislative voting data that Eigel presented, while on public record, is not widely known by the general public. This is why Eigel held the presentation, which he created himself, to show the public what their elected officials are doing while in office.

“It doesn’t make me popular to do what I have done here,” he said.

Eigel stressed the importance of knowing who senators are and what their values are and that the lack of awareness on how elected officials vote prevents the party from accomplishing their objectives. Not knowing who Senators are, explained Eigel, is a problem in Missouri politics. 

Additionally, Eigel also explained how important the primaries are for the Republican party.

“The future direction of the (Republican) party depends on the primaries,” Eigel stated.

The open forum presentation, hosted by True Republicans United, brought out many individuals from the community. Also in attendance were State Representatives Randy Pietzman and Tony Lavosco.

True Republicans United was founded in Mo. in November 2017. It was organized “out of growing concern for the future of the Republican Party and platform,” per their website. The TRU Republican Platform includes a strong U.S. military, traditional family values, border security, limited government and a balanced budget.