A local staple in the array of Holloween events is coming back bigger than ever this year, with the Troy Buchanan National Honor Society’s Trick or Treat night on Oct. 16, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Ninth Grade Center. 

The event is always serving double purposes as entertainment for local kids, and as a fundraiser for a worthy cause. This year, the NHS students organizing the event chose to donate proceeds to a TBHS teacher in need of some help.

“We’re raising money for one of our teachers here at school, to pay for some of her medical expenses for her son,” Levy said. 

“It’s always kind of been a charity event,” Gallegos added. “So that’s what we chose to be where our funds would go to.” She said the event leadership wanted to pick a cause that was rooted in the local community, and felt that helping a Troy teacher would be the best one.

Last year the event raised money for PALS, bringing in $212 for the pet shelter. 

The Trick or Treat night has been a longstanding tradition for the NHS at Troy, and a large factor in it is the student leadership.

Gallegos, Levy and Aby Higgins are the three NHS members organizing the affair. 

“It’s just really all student run, the teachers just kind of leave it up to us for this event,” Gallegos said, adding that students will be bringing in the candy and store-bought cookies and brownies for the snacks. Service is a big part of National Honor Society, and NHS students are required to work events like the Trick or Treat night to get service hours. Other things Troy NHS students participate in are the campus cleanup, volunteering at the Bread For Life Food Pantry and working concessions soccer games. 

Admission is $2 per child under the age of 12, and families from across Lincoln County are welcome to attend. 

“We just invite all the children in the district, or from anywhere,” Gallegos said. “And they can come in dressed in their costumes, and we have a bunch of games and activities set up and there’s candy, the snack station…it’s kind of like early Trick or Treating with crafts and stuff that they can do.” 

Membership in the NHS this year is large, with 84 students in the group, which means the Trick or Treat night has the resources to host a huge number of games for attendees. There are three high school NHS members and one middle school NHS member per booth, with around 70 high schoolers and 30 NHS students from Troy South Middle working the event. 

“Lots and lots and lots of games,” Levy said. “I think we have over 20 games, because we have a lot of members.” 

Most of the event will take place in the Ninth Grade Center’s gym, with a few things spilling over into the commons. 

“We have pumpkin bowling, face-painting, a cloloring station if they want to color pictures, we have ring-toss – just a bunch of games that they can just spend their afternoon and night doing,” Gallegos said. “And then they can win a bunch of candy.” 

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