A female person of interest in a fatal July 16 stabbing has been released from custody while the Troy Police Department continues to investigate the events of that night.

“After taking her into custody with the information that we had, we went over to Mike Wood’s office and sat down with him and another assistant prosecutor,” Troy Detective Tony Stewart said. “We talked about the evidence that we had in hand and we just didn’t think we had enough evidence to charge any sort of criminal charge.”

He said that all evidence pointed to this being an isolated incident and that the female subject was cooperating fully with the investigation and poses no threat to the public.

An autopsy was performed Friday morning and results were not available by press time.

“Toxicology reports and those things take time to get back,” Stewart said. “We are also trying to get some phone records and other things that will take time to get back.” The department is not releasing the female’s name at present, since no charges have been pressed. 

A man, now identified as Timothy Wayne Edmundson (36) of Jefferson County, was found fatally stabbed in apartments at the 600 Block of Trojan Drive in the evening on July 16.

The preliminary cause of death was a single stab wound to the chest. 

Troy police officers responded to a domestic dispute call at the apartments at approximately 11:15 p.m., and upon arrival officers observed that the front door of the apartment was ajar, and they heard a female screaming and crying.

As officers approached the door, they saw a female cradling a male who appeared to have a stab wound in his chest.

According to police, the female was applying pressure to the wound in order to stop or slow the bleeding.

The officers attempted to render first aid to the Edmundson and began administering CPR while the female was escorted out of the residence.

A short time later, the Lincoln County Ambulance District and Lincoln County Fire Protection District arrived on the scene and determined that Edmundson was deceased.

Once a sweep of the apartment was conducted to make sure there were no other occupants, a crime scene perimeter was established and the apartment secured.

The female gave officers her statement, claiming that Edmundson  subject had physically assaulted her by choking her, and during the physical altercation she stabbed Edmundson  one time in the chest with a large knife.

A search warrant for the apartment was issued and executed and the female suspect was officially interviewed. During the following investigation Troy Police became aware of other investigations regarding domestic violence between Edmundson and female.  

“We are in the process of obtaining those police reports. There are several other areas of investigation that can take an extended amount of time to obtain the information requested,” a press release from the Troy police stated. 

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