Troy Police investigates officer's conduct after

The Troy Police Department has completed an internal investigation into the controversial arrest of a man that was captured on cell phone video on April 26.

According to Lt. Roger Mauzy of the Troy Police, the department was made aware of the video on April 27, and he was asked to perform an investigation into the incident, which was launched the next day.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, and sparked outrage throughout the country - and outside - depicts two officers at a residential address looking for a suspect allegedly peering into vehicles, as reported in a complaint to Lincoln County Dispatch by the owner a local auto business.

At the beginning of the video, officers are seen telling the unidentified suspect to come to their police cruiser to talk about the complaint, which the man refuses.

At around 19 seconds of the video, one of the officers is heard telling the suspect and a second unidentifed man, "he's going to p*** me the f*** off, and s***'s gonna get real bad."

The man insists instead of the going to the cruiser to talk about the peering into the vehicles, they could talk to him in the driveway. At about 59 seconds of the video, the two officers move toward the suspect to make an arrest.

As he is backing away from them, he is taken to the ground by one officer while another removes a TASER device to subdue him. As he is being tased, the suspect is rolling around on 

the ground as one of the officers, and the woman filming the video, are both heard saying "stop resisting."

At around 1:41 of the video, one of the officers is then seen punching the suspect for the first time. The woman filming the video is heard saying "you don't have to punch him." The suspect continues to roll over, and at 1:50 of the video, the officer starts taking full swings into the suspect's midsection.

At about the 1:56 mark, the officer is heard saying "Put your hands behind your back. Get on your stomach. I will f*** you up! Now get on your stomach," as people are urging him to stop resisting.

At this point, the suspect is handcuffed. The woman filming is telling someone to stop the dogs from barking, when she says "You guys should really be out catching whoever you're after. Out in the driveway, we're not running from anybody."

The officer then turned to the woman and said at the 3:16 mark, "Is anybody talking to you? F*** off then!"

A Lincoln County Sheriff's deputy arrives on the scene at about the four-minute mark, and after initially telling the people in the background to stay out of the incident, returned at around 5:30 of the video to record their version of the events.

After the incident, the department released a statement on its Facebook page through its legal counsel, parts of which stated, "(The April 26 incident) related to suspicious activity of a male peering into vehicles which was reported to Lincoln County Dispatch by the owner of a local auto business. Police officers interacted with a suspect and another man which resulted in the arrest of an individual having four warrants. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the suspect was not held at jail on the warrants.

"The City of Troy Police Department and its officers and staff are dedicated to protecting the citizens and their property in the City of Troy, Missouri. The department appreciates the public trust and the department’s ability to serve the law-abiding citizens of this community."

Mauzy said once the internal review was completed,  it was forwarded to Chief of Police Jeff Taylor. No complaint was issued, nor signed by the individual in the video. 

Neither the results of the investigation, nor any disciplinary action against the officer, have not been made public as of press time. Attempts to reach Taylor on the matter through phone and e-mail were unsuccessful.