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From left: Patty Smith, City Clerk, City of St. Peters; Vicki McGownd, City Clerk, City of Chesterfield; Samantha Shelton, City Clerk, City of Hawk Point; Shelley Todd, City Clerk, City of Brentwood; Nancy Sulin, Deputy City Clerk, City of Wentzville; Carla Ayala, Village Administrator/City Clerk, Village of Innsbrook; Sue Hogarth, City Clerk, City of Elsberry; Kathryn Bowman, City Clerk, City of Wentzville; Jodi Schneider, City Clerk, City of Troy; MaryLou Rainwater, City Clerk, City of Truesdale; Tonya Hawkins, Deputy City Clerk, City of Troy.

Troy’s City Clerk Jodi Schneider was recognized at the most recent Board of Aldermen meeting for achieving a certification with the Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association (MCCFOA). This wasn’t the only one of its kind that night, however, as Deputy City Clerk Tonya Hawkins was also surprised with a certification from that organization as well.

“Jodi and Tonya both met milestones within our certifications, and we want to recognize Jodi for her designation as Missouri Registered City Clerk Sustaining, and for Tonya [who is being] awarded the Missouri Registered City Clerk Continuing,” said Wentzville’s Assistant City Clerk Nancy Sulin, who presented the certifications to the Troy clerks. 

“These are commendations of education and experience, and Jodi and Tonya are to be commended for their perseverance in achieving these goals.” 

Schneider’s certification is one step below the highest commendation that the MCCFOA gives out: Missouri Professional City Clerk. 

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