Maxwell Gessert, a student at Troy Buchanan, recently was in the hospital for a fracture of his temporal bone in his skull. Many students at TBHS dressed up in support of Maxwell as a tribute to him on Sept. 30 to let him know that they are hoping for a speedy recovery.

“I dressed up fancy for Maxwell because I am friends with him and it is really scary to hear about something like this, and it is very jarring for everyone,” senior Sami Mueller said.

Gessert is notorious at TBHS for dressing fancy every Friday. 

He is recognized throughout the halls of the high school because of this, and because Gessert couldn’t dress up that Friday, students joined together to get dapper to show that he isn’t alone and has the student body’s support.

“He is a really cool guy, and it means a lot that so many people participated and dressed fancy, it really shows what type of people are at TBHS,” sophomore Andrew Grove said. When people heard the news of Maxwell, they immediately sprung into action to have people participate in the Fancy Friday. 

The day that was attributed to Maxwell was photographed as well, so Maxwell could see all of his supporters.

“When I first heard about what happened to Maxwell I was so sorry for his family… it must have been tough to go through that just out of nowhere, but after I heard about it I started sending texts to everyone I knew about Fancy Friday to get them to participate,” Mueller said.

Fancy Friday was quickly brought up and it stormed the school as many people heard about the occasion and wanted to show their support for Maxwell.

“That Friday I wore a bow tie, khakis, a vest, dress coat and fancy shoes,” Grove said. “I really wanted to show my support for Maxwell because somebody like Maxwell doesn’t deserve something to happen to him like that, but all in all it was a fun day and everyone was able to show their love and support.”

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