Kevin Kiderlen

Kevin Kiderlen

Troy, Mo. - Opening arguments and testimony began on Wednesday in the first day in the trial of a Troy man accused of raping of woman while she was unconscious in his home in 2019.

Lincoln County First Assistant Prosecutor John Robert Krehmeyer laid out his case to the jury at the Lincoln County Justice Center against Kevin Kiderlen, 44, who has been charged with one count of rape in the first degree and one count of sodomy in the first degree.

Krehmeyer opened his case with the victim, who was 22 years old at the time on March 8, 2019, when she had become too intoxicated after a birthday party at a local bar with Kiderlen and friends.

According to her testimony, Kiderlen had taken her home to sleep it off, which was the plan. However, she woke up in and out of consciousness – with Kiderlen performing sexual acts on her – none of which she consented to.

Under cross-examination, Defense Counsel Michael Jacobs asked the victim if she had consented to sex at any time, because details have come back to her in pieces over time.

Though the victim agreed with Jacobs, facts have come back in pieces, and she did have a lot to drink that night, she never agreed to sex with Kiderlen.

Former Troy Police Det. Tony Stewart then testified for the prosecution, and told the gallery Kiderlen admitted raping the victim, but couldn’t remember doing it until after the fact.

Stewart testified he didn’t believe Kiderlen, an exchange that was caught on a 45-minute videotaped interrogation in which Kiderlen repeatedly told the detective he couldn’t remember the actual acts he was being accused of, though he believed he did it.

Testimony resumes today at 8:30 a.m.