After a car chase spanning Lincoln and Warren Counties, a Lincoln County resident was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including kidnapping to the second degree.

On July 18, Joshua Pippinger, 32, allegedly did not stop his white Chrysler minivan when a Troy police officer attempted to pull him over, at the time for expired license plates, in the Main Street area of Troy. Instead, police say Pippinger began driving erratically, running several stop signs on side streets until he booked it down Boone.

“Our officer got behind him at Fifth [Street], and Boone Street is when he officially took off and failed to stop. Then it went down Boone to Highway J, Highway J to South,” Troy Detective Tony Stewart said, describing the chase. “There were some county roads and gravel roads, they ended up in Wright City, and then they ended up over on Bell Road in Warren County, and then made their way back to J before the pursuit was ended.”

Officers from Wright City and Warren County assisted in the chase while it went through their jurisdictions, and at least four Troy police officers were involved in the ordeal. During the chase, officers saw a female in the passenger seat of the van screaming and attempting to leave the vehicle. Also, two syringes and a plastic baggie were thrown out the window at some point. Pippinger continually drove into oncoming traffic, endangering the lives of others on the road.

“On Highway J, and some of the other roads he was on, he was driving into oncoming traffic and making those vehicles leave the road ways,” Stewart said. “At one point he was driving through yards – like he left the roadway and was driving through peoples’ front yards along some of those roads. So yeah, there was substantial risk that he could have injured someone else or caused someone else to get injured.” At one point in the pursuit, Pippinger allegedly attempted to hit a Troy officer who was setting up a spike strip, forcing the officer to jump out of the way which caused Pippinger to hit the officer’s car instead. The chase ended when officers were able to get in front of Pippinger and slow him down to a stop on Highway J. The female victim was unharmed and allowed to leave the scene after questioning.

Pippinger was immediately brought into custody, with Judge Gregory Alsberry issuing an arrest warrant and setting a $50,000 cash only bond. Shortly thereafter, Pippinger was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a Troy police officer, leaving the scene of an accident and kidnapping in the second degree. 

“She [the passenger] wanted out of the vehicle, and on several occasions during the pursuit tried to exit the vehicle but unfortunately due to his speed and erratic driving she was unable,” Detective Stewart said, also sharing that the female victim knew Pippinger and before the chase they were in the vehicle together. “She did not want to be a part of the pursuit and did not want to be in the vehicle with him, and since he would not allow her out of the vehicle that’s what constituted the kidnapping charges.”

In a press release, the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office expressed gratitude for all officers involved, and gave a reminder that all charges are only accusations and not proof of guilt.

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