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On May 10, at 7:01 pm, The Village of Eolia Board of Trustees began its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  Consent agenda items were approved unanimously.

The results of research about alternatives to the online sewer payment system currently in use revealed an option that can be used at no charge to the Village. Similarly, the fee scale for citizens is very comparable to that currently in use.  Information had been sent to Trustees prior to the meeting so that they could read through an offer from Court Money, designed to meet the needs of towns the size of Eolia.  Trustee Josh Magruder moved to accept the contract as well as to put it into effect immediately.  Trustee Tim Nothaker seconded the motion, and the Board approved the motion.

Village Clerk Zumwalt announced that a blood drive will be hosted in the Eolia Community Building on June 16 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The condition of the Clerk’s office was discussed.  Zumwalt reported discovering a new leak under her desk but hasn’t determined the water’s point of origin.  Additionally, the office has received no bids regarding the repairs needed thus far.  Trustees discussed the topic, with the decision being to table the idea until the new leak can be located.

Village Maintenance Supervisor, John Haake, provided a report on the condition of the sewer system.  The pump acquired for the Second Street location has been fabricated, as planned previously by the Board.  An appointment will be scheduled with Perkins to discuss installation.

Haake also indicated that three new clean outs have been installed at Hwy D, and the system is up and running.  The repair site still needs to be seeded and straw placed on the area after the dirt settles.   With Femmer Drive having been repaved, dirt is yet needed near Mr. Yates’s house to help with drainage.  

Kain Eivins and Rileigh Kuntz, students from Mr. Rodgers’ English class at Clopton Junior High,  hoped to get approval from the Board about an upcoming project.  On behalf of their teacher and their peers, Eivins and Kuntz offered a request for installation of a new basketball hoop/backboard/net in City Park.  The students have planned a fundraising event for May 26 to pay for materials and asked the Trustees to provide installation of the new sport equipment.  

In agreement with the request, Trustee Jerry Burbridge moved to provide installation of items as suggested.  Trustee David Land seconded, and unanimous approval followed.

At 7:20 p.m. Burbridge moved to adjourn the meeting, with Nothaker’s second, followed by unanimous approval by the Board members.