The City of Silex was able to liquidate another assets as well as paying past bills and bond issues during the monthly meeting Monday night.

Three assets were up for bid review with the trailer bid being accepted for $6,010. Alderman Dorothy Ford questioned whether that was an acceptable price for the trailer.

Citizen petition approved for audit of Silex

According to Mayor Chuck Turbyeville and Alderman Stuart Gambrill, who both looked into the value, said that the bid was in-line with what they could get for it.

The other two bids, Chevy Impala Police Car ($2500) and F-350 Work Truck ($1001) were both rejected by the board.

Alderman Gambrill presented a list of bills to pay that included a $2000 General Bond payment to Peoples Bank and Trust, $3,712.67 to UMB Bank for a Sewer Bond, a $8000 Sewer Bond payment to Peoples Bank and Trust as well as some outstanding bills and current bills. The total amount paid was just shy of $31,000. The motion to pay was passed.

“Some of these bond issues are due until Oct. 1,” said Gambrill. “But we need to pay as much as we can when we have it.”

That statement has been something that Gambrill has made over and over at every meeting as he wants to pay as much as possible when the City has the funds.

A discussion of the City Collector and Police Chief/City Marshall was brought before the board by City Attorney Robert Guiness.

According to Guinness, being a Fourth Class City requires a City Collector and City Marshall position. Normally those position are an elected position and must meet certain requirements. One main requirement being someone living at least one year within the city limits. Also there are certain requirements to be a City Marshall, such as POST Certification.

“I was surprised to find out no elections were ever held when Silex became a city,” said Guinness.

He presented two options to the board. Hold an election for the City Collector and City Marhall on the April ballot or put on the ballot a vote of the citizens to have those two positions appointed by the board.

The discussion led to the tableing until some further information can be obtained and will be discussed at the next meeting.

The preparations for the Silex Fall Festival to be held Saturday, Oct. 5 are underway. At the meeting a budget was set in place.

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