Carroll Hornbeck

Carroll Hornbeck

Lincoln County, Mo. - A local man recently sentenced to decades in prison has asked for a new trial.

Through his attorney, Lincoln County Public Defender Michael Jacobs, Carroll Hornbeck, 64, of Winfield, filed an appeal with the 45th Circuit Court on April 18. He was sentenced on April 8 by The Honorable Milan Berry to 28 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections after a jury found him guilty on one count of failing to register as a sex offender on March 21 at the Lincoln County Justice Center after a three-week jury trial.

Hornbeck is a Tier III sex offender who was convicted in 1987 for the forcible rape of a 30-year-old woman in St. Charles. He was released in 1997 after serving 10 years for that offense.

Since then, Hornbeck has multiple convictions for forgery, driving while intoxicated as a persistent offender and failing to register as a sex offender in both Warren and Lincoln Counties, all offenses for which he has been incarcerated for over the years.

Hornbeck’s current conviction is the fourth time he has been convicted for failing to register as a sex offender since his release a quarter-century ago.

Jacobs declined to answer any questions about the case, or the pending appeal. The Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office did not respond to interview requests by publication time.