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Weather permitting, on July 21, crews will begin a seal coat project on Missouri Route 79 in Lincoln County.

The project will begin at the Pike County line and go to Lincoln County Route N near Winfield, the total length of improvement being 16.419 miles.

“The project on MO 79 includes crews applying liquid asphalt that helps seal off any cracks that may be in the road, and then they will apply small aggregate rock,” said Missouri Department of Transportation Area Engineer Erik Maninga.

Once that project is complete, crews will move to Lincoln County Route EE and continue the operation of seal coating from Lincoln County Route Y to Missouri Route 47 near Winfield. Finally, crews will move to Lincoln County Route EE and seal coat from Lincoln County Route O north junction to Lincoln County Route UU in Silex.

All three projects are planned to be complete within a couple of weeks.

A seal coat can be accomplished without closing a road. However, it is extremely important drivers significantly reduce their speed during and immediately after the operation. Excess rock is swept away by crews shortly after the operation is complete. Typically, within a few days, the rock has either been embedded into the oil or removed from the surface.

The purpose of this operation is to keep a road in its same condition by infusing it with oil.

Traffic will be reduced to one lane through the work zones while the work is completed.

The projects were awarded to Mid-River Asphalt, Inc, of Troy in the amount of $691,877.

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