Lincoln County, Mo. - Sacred Heart Parish School’s fourth-graders eagerly lined up along the hallway leading to the cafeteria on Thursday, Nov. 11 to sit and meet with veterans for Veterans Day. The fourth graders had spent time in class learning about what it means to be a veteran and prepared poems and came with questions to ask the visitors when they arrived.

The students presented poems and sang God Bless America to the veterans.

The program, teacher Laurie Clarkson explained, is a way to teach kids about what veterans are and what they did.

“The students have been spending time this week thinking about what being a veteran means,” Clarkson said. 

Several of the veterans in attendance are parishioners of Sacred Heart Church. Many of them brought photographs and items with them to show the students as they shared their experiences.

“There’s been a lot of energy. They’re really excited to hear your stories,” Clarkson explained to the guests.

The students will be writing the stories of the veterans and what they learned in class.

“We’re super, super glad you came. This is a great turnout,” Clarkson said to the veterans.

The students brought with them questions that they wanted to ask the veterans. After sitting and talking with the veterans, they took down information to later write stories about the veterans and what they learned. Several of the students’ stories are included along with pictures from the event.