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From left: Sheriff John Cottle, Christian Ray, Chad Meier, Suzanne Clarke, Jeremy Walkenhorst, Lee Peine, John Peine, Samantha Schulte, Cauy Clarke, Hazen Livingston, Gavin Livingston, Kyle Reed, Micha McMenamy and Deputy Sierra Turley.  Photo courtesy of Suzanne Clark


The Lincoln County Road Runners Unified Softball team recently hosted its first-ever Lincoln County Softball Tournament this past Saturday at the Hawk Point Baseball Fields.  

Suzanne Clark, the head coach for the Road Runners, said the Hawk Point Athletic Association “graciously donated their fields and umpire time for the day.” 

“The Lincoln County Road Runners won two hard fought games and earned Gold Medals,” Clark said in an email. “It was a great tournament and we are looking forward to hosting more in the future!”

The team is made up of both Special Olympic athletes and unified partners, allowing for all-inclusive play. 

“The bond between this team is amazing, many have been friends and teammates for more than ten years,” Clark said. Medals were awarded to athletes by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office represented by Lincoln County Sheriff John Cottle and Deputy Sierra Turley.

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