Members of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) elected four board members to CREC’s Board of Directors and approved two bylaw propositions at their annual meeting on Aug. 27, held at the co-op’s branch office in Lake Saint Louis.

In the four districts with seats open, three incumbents who chose to run for re-election were selected by members for new three-year terms, continuing their service to the cooperative. One new director was elected in Lincoln County District 1 as the incumbent, Troy Galloway, chose to not run for re-election this year.

The Lincoln County District 1 winner was Mike Cherry, who officially began his first term with the board at their regular monthly meeting, which immediately followed the annual meeting. In Warren County District 3, Phil Dunk was re-elected. Denise O’Mara, was re-elected to St. Charles County District 4. Finally, Ted House was re-elected to St. Charles County District 5.  

CREC members also voted on two bylaw changes. Proposition A amended the bylaws to reduce the percentage of member signatures needed for nominations to the board of directors by petition. Proposition B amended the bylaws to change notification requirements of unclaimed capital credit monies. Both propositions passed. 

This year’s election brought in a total of 1,856 votes, which includes 1,852 votes from paper ballots and online voting prior to CREC’s annual meeting on August 27. Only four ballots were cast on site at the meeting.  

Election results were announced at the annual meeting, which was streamed live on the co-op’s YouTube channel. A recording of the broadcast is available on CREC’s YouTube channel at 

 “While the annual meeting this year was a challenge due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were still able to offer members an opportunity to attend the meeting safely,” said CREC General Manager/CEO Doug Tracy. “Seating was spread apart to ensure social distancing. Employees and board members wore masks, and those attending were encouraged to do so also,” he said. “The meeting was also streamed online, which allowed members to watch it live if they preferred to not attend in person.”

Free electricity prizes were awarded in the week following the annual meeting. Survey & Ballot Systems, the third party company who handles CREC’s election, randomly drew winners from those members who had voted in the election, either absentee or at the meeting. This year’s winners of free electricity are:

• $1,500 Alyssa Buis

• $500Tamara Siebuhr

• $500 Richard Gentemann 

• $250 Sally Burgess

• $250 Samantha Labruyere

In addition, 12 more members each won a free month of electricity:

• Sept 2020 Abdelmisseh Misdary

• Oct 2020 Carl Fader

• Nov 2020 Philip Mallinckrodt 

• Dec 2020 Gary Schellert

• Jan 2021 Roger Groner

• Feb 2021 Robert Seely

• March 2021 Lois Crocker• April 2021 Richard Wolf• May 2021 John Pellerito• June 2021 Maxine Weir• July 2021 Tammy Smith• Aug 2021 Dan Brown