Hill Press Conference

David Hill, a captain with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and head of its cold case unit, discusses at a press conference March 29 the identification of remains found in rural Troy nearly 40 years ago. Through genetic sequencing, the remains were identified as Jack Langeneckert, pictured far left. Also pictured above is (from left) Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Wood, Detective Alyssa Erson, Hill, Undersheriff Randy Lambert, and retired investigator Kenneth Schulte. 

LINCOLN COUNTY - He was a man who took pride in his appearance. Even when photographed at a picturesque river bluff on a casual sunny day, he was well dressed with a collared shirt and fashionable jacket. 

So when the 52-year-old real estate agent told his wife he was leaving their Florissant home to show a piece of property to a prospective buyer, he was as expected, dressed for the occasion.

Jack Langeneckert

Jack Langeneckert

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