High voter turnouts for a presidential election aren’t an unusual entity in Lincoln County.

However, 2020 was no ordinary year. 

The county witnessed historic numbers of residents casting their ballots at the polls. Unofficially, 29,023 ballots were cast out of 40,287 registered voters in Lincoln County – a 72% turnout at the polls.

The numbers shattered records for registered voters and ballots cast. The percentage surpassed the 71.5% voter turnout in the 2008 Presidential Election.


2020 Election

72.04% voter turnout29,023 ballots cast total40,287 Registered voters 


2016 Election

69.79% voter turnout25,287 ballots cast total36,235 Registered voters


2012 Election

64.99% voter turnout22,886 ballots cast total35,215 Registered voters


2008 Election

71.47% voter turnout23,770 ballots cast total33,258 Registered voters


Lincoln County Clerk Crystal Hall said voters took advantage of both absentee and in-person options during the elections to make their choices, and the operations went smoothly from conception to completion.

“We knew this would be a historical election,” Hall said. “The voters of Lincoln County came out before the election and on Election Day to let their voices be heard. “Everyone was kind and courteous to one another and to our poll workers.”

The novel coronavirus pandemic allowed voters the opportunity to cast a record number of absentee ballots in Lincoln County. Poll workers processed 4,942 absentee ballots in person at the County Clerk’s Office inside the County Courthouse in Troy, as well as another 1,222 at the office’s satellite location in Winfield.

Voters returned 1,917 absentee ballots in the mail to the County Clerk’s Office.

“This election was definitely a record breaking one in Lincoln County.,” Hall said. “Voters really took advantage of absentee voting with 8,081 absentee ballots being cast prior to Election Day.

“Typically we process around 2,000 absentees for a presidential election.”

Hall also said neither the record number of ballots processed, nor the smooth operation of the process, was possible without a complete effort from a host of local groups and agencies.

 “I would like to thank my staff, our dedicated poll workers, all 4 Lincoln County FFA chapters, who provided student workers, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and Jim Sharp, Lincoln County Emergency Management director, for helping to make Election Day a success,” she said.