Asphalt work being done at the Ninth Grade Center. 

Like other area school districts, the Lincoln County R-III School District is expecting a busy summer with upkeep, projects and facilities maintenance – especially considering the Proposition K.I.D.S. bond issue that passed in April.

The district is already reaping the benefits of that bond issue passing, according to Audrey Henebry, a community relations specialist with Lincoln County R-III schools.

“All of our schools are going to be impacted in some way or another by the passing of the bond issue,” Henebry said. “With our voters allowing us to move forward with that, we can move forward with these projects.”

Some things that have already been accomplished with funding from that bond issue are a resurfacing of the Ninth Grade Center parking lot and an updated fire alarm system at Hawk point Elementary School.

Some ongoing projects are a number of the buildings getting lighting makeovers to increase energy efficiency, a few buildings will be getting roof renovations and the historic Bonfils Auditorium will have work done on its brick exterior, including tuckpointing and re-sealing around the brick.

Another notable summer project is the resurfacing of the Troy Buchanan High School Football field, putting in turf in place of the grass field.

“That’s a huge thing for us,” Henebry said. “We were using that space for 15 to 20 events per year, and 200 to 300 kids were able to utilize that space. Now, it’s going to be a true performance field and we will be able to use it for hundreds of events each year. 

“Up to 2,000 kids will be impacted by that because it won’t just be for the football games. It will be for day-to-day curricular activities, P.E. classes, band practice or any number of things.”

She also noted that the expense of maintaining the field will be part of the bond, so the funds used to maintain the grass field, which can become quite expensive, will be able to be distributed to other projects, activities or needs.

TBHS is also getting new HVAC units, which is an ongoing project.

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