Hoerr 100th Birthday

What started as a small Facebook post turned into Berniece Hoerr being honored like a queen.  Workers at Elsberry Health Care Center posted on Facebook that Hoerr’s 100th birthday was approaching on Nov. 21 and they wanted her to receive 100 birthday cards.  The Elsberry Democrat then published an article on the event, local TV stations picked up the story and before you knew it she had received 1700 cards from over 30 states for the big day.

Family, friends and even strangers showed up at the Casino themed birthday party to help Hoerr celebrate her milestone birthday.  Special attendees included Missouri State Representative Randy Pietzman, who gave her a Proclamation for the event.  Her two daughters, Judy and Georgia and their families were on hand.  

Stopping by were a couple Missouri State Highway Patrolmen, personnel from the Lincoln County Ambulance and all her extended family at EHCC.  

When it was all said and done, Hoerr was not only treated like a queen, she felt like a queen.

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