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Moscow Mills, Mo. - It is no secret Lincoln County is a magnet for severe weather.

How the public is notified about it, however, was the subject Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Adam Stanek brought up for debate with the Moscow Mills’ Board of Alderman at its monthly meeting on Sept. 13.

Stanek has travel to the board meetings of all the municipalities of the county to get them to agree to a new policy, whether through signatures or a new ordinance, that would allow LCEMA to monitor a three-tier weather alert system based on the National Weather System guidelines.

Stanek said recent storms that have hit Lincoln County have carried straight-line winds in excess of 70 miles per hour, and have created dangerous conditions, but have not been tornadic, so the existing horns in the area were not activated.

“I am going to call on all of the towns of Lincoln County to seek approval,” he said.

Stanek has received approval in Hawk Point and Winfield, and the board members in Moscow Mills gave unanimous approval before Mayor Patrick Flannigan signed the request.

In other water-related matters, the board discussed mapping its utilities after a recent water main break took nearly a full day to fix.

“We don’t seem to have a good enough mapping system to where our maintenance personnel can find a water main break, and fix it in six or seven hours, instead of 22 hours,” Flannigan said. 

After considering several bids, the board unanimously agreed to accept a bid from Missouri Rural Water for $20,000 with mileage for GPS utility mapping.

Two local auto dealerships will have new signage thanks to the board. Moscow Mills Auto Sales on Hampel Road, and Woodruff Auto Sales on Highway C Plaza were each approved by the Board of Aldermen to have new wall sign permits on their properties.