Bob Isermann, green shirt, helps bring donated food into the First Baptist Church in Winfield. His organization, the Route 66 Corvette Club, along with flight attendant Lynda Rothweil helped collect record numbers of food for Pal Packs. Photo by Nick Skoda

The Route 66 Corvette Club, area flight attendants and Winfield schools have teamed up to collect a plethora of food for children that might not have food available to them on weekends.

All of the food was collected and brought, by Corvettes, to First Baptist Church of Winfield.

“They did a terrific job,” Bob Isermann said. Isermann is the president of the Route 66 Corvette Club.

His organization donates to Pal Packs monthly but getting the flight attendants on board has made a big difference.


Back row, from left: Rich Weinhold, Kevin Ryan, Linda Walker, Scott Walker, Jeff Schultz, Tom Kreigermeier, Greg Stewart, Detta Nelson, Ron Seifried and Ron Nelson. Front row, from left: Lynda Rothweil, Bob Isermann, Orville Caupp, Ericka Dixon and Randy Moore. Photo by Nick Skoda

“This is the first time we have done something this big. We have always just done it through our club meetings. Lynda came up with the idea to put it out to the American Airline flight attendants and over a whole month, they just kept donating and she kept collecting,” Isermann said.

The Lynda that he is referring to is Lynda Rothweil, a flight attendant with American Airlines.

“All of this donation is from the St. Louis based flight attendants from American Airlines. We all got together, I believe there are 210 of us right now, and we collected all of this throughout the month,” Rothweil said.

The groups working together were able to collect 2,334 individual servings of meal items, snacks and drinks: more than they’ve ever had the resources to collect in the past.

All of the food that was collected will be donated to Pal Packs. 

“Pal Packs is an organization that collects food for kids to have something to eat over the weekends. Our club donates every month, but Lynda challenged the fellow flight attendants to do this so we have a lot to bring out this month,” Detta Nelson of the Route 66 Corvette Club said.

Rothweil said that her and her fellow flight attendants are looking to do this every year.

Winfield Primary School Principal Erica Dixon and Winfield Intermediate School Principal Jeff Schultz were at the event as well to show their appreciation.

“Honestly this means everything to some kids. You have kids going home and don’t have access to food so it’s a big deal for them to know that they are going to have access to food over a weekend, you can’t overstate it quite honestly, the importance of it for these kids to have that safety and security, knowing they are going to have breakfast in the morning for example. It’s a big deal,” said Schultz.

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