During the regularly schedule June 10 meeting of the Silex Board of Alderman it was discovered that payroll taxes hadn’t been paid for 2018-2019. 

In a special meeting held Wednesday, June 26 a clearer picture of what is owed came to light.

According to City Clerk Sylvia Roeper, the City owes close to $60,000 in Federal and State taxes. That amount doesn’t include all the penalties assessed. 

City of Silex

Roeper did state that the first quarter of 2018 had been paid after doing more research.

That information comes off of a meetings where $53,000 of outstanding debt had been paid. This new information has put the city beyond square one when the new administration had taken over in April.

Before finding out about the outstanding taxes owed the city approved to pay a little over $6,000 in bills. Including payments to Windstream, Meridian Trash and getting the Sewer Bond payment current with Peoples Bank and Trust.

“We have the money sitting in the accounts. We might as well pay what we can pay,” said Alderman Stuart Gambrill. 

Gambrill has made it his mission to work towards paying as much as possible.

In other business, the board re-opened a money market account that was currently with a zero balance at Silex Banking Co. The idea was to take funds each month from the sewer account and move that to the money market account for two purposes. 1) draw interest off of the money placed in the account. 2) put funds away to be able to pay the sewer bonds when they come due.

Discussion of past due water bills was brought up by  Roeper who stated there was a long list of outstanding bills that was significant in amounts. Mayor Chuck Turbyeville asked that Roeper create a list after the July 10 bill due date and provide to him and he we will attempt to contact those with outstanding bills.

It was also discovered that many phone calls to the city were unable to be answered. Since the change in April the city has not had access to the phone system, specifically the messages left by residents. Recently they were able to access those messages.

“Like I said in previous meetings, I don’t think we should be punishing residents for something out of their control. Especially after finding out that there are messages from residents that have gone unanswered,” said Gambrill.

The rightful ownership of a K-9 was also discussed. The question surrounded a K-9 animal that a former officer wanted back in his possession and who was liable for the animal. 

The K-9 has originally been trained by former Silex Police Officer Eric Brotherton then by former officer Victor Chavez. Currently the animal is believed to be in the Lake of the Ozarks area.

Turbyeville wants to make sure the City of Silex has no liability for the animal if something was to occur. It was reported that Brotherton wants the animal returned to him as that was the arrangement made with former Police Chief William Barnes.

Currently the paperwork explaining who the dog belongs to cannot be found.

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