Kiwanis Club Ribbon Cutting

Members of the Kiwanis Club of Troy, City of Troy, Department of Natural Resources and Community Opportunities pose for picture during the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the new playground. Behind them are funding partners, supporters and donors of the park and playground.

Troy, Mo. - Kiwanis Park officially opened its playground to the public on Friday, Sept. 17. 

The new playground is part of a 28-acre park that is set to have a trail, water features and more. The Troy Kiwanis Park Project has received over $500,000 in grant money from the Department of Natural Resources, many donations from individuals and businesses alike and tax dollars. 

Mary Sullivan-Thomas, the Executive Director of Community Opportunities, cut the ribbon and spoke to those who attended the ceremony. 


Community Opportunities is a local agency in Lincoln County that works to help individuals with developmental disabilities. The playground was designed with inclusivity and accessibility for all in mind. 

The Troy Kiwanis Park Project is several years in the making. The pandemic presented some challenges during the construction and development of the park, but those challenges were overcome by the dedication of those involved. 

“It’s been a joy taking on this project through the process because it’s been something to look forward to,” Mary Sullivan-Thomas stated.

Troy’s mayor Ron Sconce was also in attendance.

“On behalf of the citizens of Troy, I want to thank everyone,” he stated.

Currently, the Troy Kiwanis Project has the playground, restrooms and a parking lot constructed. The trail is currently being made, and there are plans for an inclusive splash pad water feature and picnic area to be built in the future.