Lincoln County, Mo. - Members of Lincoln County met together to discuss creating an arts council.

The new up-and-coming arts council needed help with volunteers for the steering committee during its first meeting at the University of Missouri Extension Center on May 27.

Lincoln County Arts Council is the name of the group.

Leading this meeting was, Julie Rodgers, an organizer for the LCAC, along with Jennifer Schipper, President of Warren County Fine Arts, discussed new ideas.

“We had several people who were very interested,” Rodgers said.

She said that they started a Facebook page to gather interest.

“The response was overwhelming from the community,” Rodgers said.

At the meeting, a survey was handed out to determine where the interest for arts lay and who would be willing to participate in volunteering or a part of the steering committee.

One of the services that the council wants to have is art classes.

“We have a really good pool of artists here now, do any of you have experience teaching workshops,” Schipper said.

Schipper said that they plan on paying their artists for the workshops they hold.

She said that the money can come from grants or charge a fee for the workshops. She also said that sponsors are another option too.

“You can get sponsors, silver sponsors, gold sponsors, sponsors from our community or businesses that would like to have their signage up at our events. We can have a fundraiser, a membership fee,” Schipper said. “Members could have a newsletter or tickets to the workshop for free.”

Schipper said that these are topics that a board of directors would come together and form together.

The LCAC is holding a logo contest to help create a logo for the group, which was passed out at the Troy High School, but anyone can participate. Please send completed designs to Jennifer Schipper at Some of the audience members volunteered to either be a part of the committee or volunteer.