After almost a full year of banging the drum to raise interest in the proposition, Moscow Mills has formed a committee to celebrate its bicentennial in 2021.

“We’ve got a fairly big group and they seem to be very energetic, coming up with all kinds of ideas – I’m actually probably going to have to reel them in a little bit,” Moscow Mills Mayor Patrick Flannigan said. 

The committee has only met a few times, and will continue to do throughout the next 18 months as it lays the foundation for the bicentennial. Just some of the ideas thrown around at this formative stage include tractor pulls, parades and opening up the historic Shapley Ross House – the home built by Virginia native Shapley Ross, who founded Moscow Mills in 1821. 

“That would be neat, because I have not been inside the building yet and I very much love seeing and talking about the history of the town,” Flannigan said. 

The committee will also need to nail down the particulars of fundraising for the celebration. In the upcoming August meeting, the director of the Boonslick Regional Planning Commission will come to talk to the committee about ways to apply for grants.

“Usually those grants are like a 50/50, so if we have to put up any money – they talked about selling t-shirts and whatever – that some of that will cover back the 50 percent, so that we [don’t] have to fork out any money out of the city coffers at the end of the day,” Flannigan said.

Flannigan has been attempting to raise interest and awareness about the bicentennial, bringing up the topic at a large number of Board of Aldermen meetings since at least last July. 

Now, with the committee formed and plans being discussed, Flannigan said it feels good to have some traction. 

“I planted the seed, and it’s very rewarding of course to watch the seed start to grow,” Flannigan said, adding that the women and men on the committee are “very enthusiastic” about the bicentennial festivities for Moscow Mills.

“I expect it to be a very nice celebration,” Flannigan said.  

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