Members of the public look at MoDOT’s exhibits inside Black and Associates in Troy. 

An initial meeting to gauge public opinion on the interchange at Route 47 and U.S. 61 in Troy was held on Tuesday, May 21. 

The meeting, which was mostly an open forum format, featured detailed renderings of the proposed plans for the exit. 

There was also a brief presentation by HR Green Staff Engineer, Andrea Schumann.

The engineers considered design options such as a northbound loop ramp, a northbound loop ramp with a roundabout and dual left turn lanes before settling on a diverging diamond interchange.

An example of exactly what the diverging diamond interchange is can be found on the MoDOT website, but is also in-practice at the Mid Rivers Mall exit on I-70, and at Kingshighway/I-64 in St. Louis.

Members of the public in attendance voiced opinions and asked questions about the project, but none present voiced real concerns, and consensus seemed to be that something needs to be done to better control and manage the flow of traffic at the interchange.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in Lincoln County and in Troy over the past 20 years which adds a lot of vehicular traffic through the interchange,” Schumann said.

She specifically pointed out that at heavy traffic times, the northbound side of the exit often gets backed up onto the interstate, which can pose serious dangers to drivers.

Another factor leading to the back up is Route 47 at the interchange only consisting of one lane in each direction. 

The proposed designs offer two lanes in both directions at the interchange.

Erik Maninga, area engineer, said that the only concern he’s heard voiced about the proposed changes to the intersection is that the diverging diamond interchange is confusing to navigate. 

Schumann mentioned that at first, it can be a little daunting, but following signals and signs will lead the driver through it no problem.

It is important to remember that this project is in the very early stages and is not yet funded. 

A timeline for the project was laid out, showing conceptual design public meetings and work on preliminary design occurring in 2019/20 and then a plan to present the design at an official public hearing in 2020. All of that is completely dependant on funding.

More information and detailed simulations can be found at

For further questions and information, contact Project Manager, Chris Knapp, at or (573) 248-2586 or contact Erik Maninga at or at (573) 864-4993.

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