Becky Martin

Becky Martin, Libertarian candidate for the District 41 Representative talks to those who attended a rally on Oct. 9 in Troy.

Troy, Mo. - Becky Martin is looking to bring something different to Lincoln County.

The local mother of four announced her candidacy as the Libertarian opponent for District 41 Representative during a rally at Fairgrounds Park Pavilion on Oct. 9.

Martin is the second candidate to enter the race to fill to replace Randy Pietzman, who is retiring due to term limits. Former Winfield Mayor Ryan Ruckel has announced has candidacy as a Republican.

However, Martin said she is entering the race with a different approach. Martin identifies as a “fiscally conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, Christian, homeschooling Libertarian who believes in individual freedom, government accountability, school choice, reduced taxes, private property rights and, in keeping government out of our healthcare.”

She said she believes Lincoln County is tired of the same politics and politicians heading to Jefferson City, and she thinks the people are ready for a third-party option.

“The fact I am not a career politician helps,” she said. “I don’t have my own personal political agenda.

“I’m here to fight for my neighbors.”

Martin also said she made her decision to run by talking with other lawmakers and working as an advocate for her friends and neighbors, but also seeing the problems Lincoln County has. 

She said she admires the work Pietzman has done in office, but said there is a lot of work to be done, especially with crime in the county.

“I’ve already got people involved (in my campaign),” Martin said. “I’ve already seen people frustrated with how our judicial system has worked here (in Lincoln County).”

Martin said she wants to get voters more involved in how their own local governments work, so she created a guide of political subdivisions in the county so every voter can find out where they live – and who represents them.