On Wednesday, Dec. 18, Brandon Johnson was sentenced to eight years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for one count of Child Neglect.

The case originated back in November, when the Troy Police Department and Lincoln County Ambulance District were dispatched to the 700 Block of West Wood Street for an injured juvenile.

Upon arrival officers and paramedics observed an eleven-month-old infant with substantial bruises, cuts to the head and face and bite marks on his body. EMS could not determine the extent/severity of the injuries. 

The infant was transported to a St. Louis Area pediatric hospital, via an AirEvac medical helicopter where he underwent emergency surgery to repair internal injuries due to the trauma sustained. At the hospital it was also determined the infant’s nose was broken and both eardrums had ruptured.

Although Johnson was the only one home with the infant at the time of the abuse, he initially denied any wrongdoing. Johnson pled on Dec. 18, and was sentenced to eight years. 

The Lincoln County Prosecutor would like to thank the Lincoln County Ambulance District for their life-saving response, the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mark Fisher, who skillfully navigated the complex legal parameters of this case and the Troy Police Department for their continuous investigative efforts.

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