Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Wood announced Friday, Nov. 15 that Stewart Wells, 53, of Troy, plead guilty to the felony of Statutory Sodomy in the First Degree.

A press release from the prosecutor’s office states that back on Sept. 1, 2017, Wells exposed himself to a “severely disabled child” under the age of 12, with the intent of committing Statutory Sodomy in the First Degree. Wells plead guilty to soliciting oral sex from the disabled child. Officers were called to the scene of the crime by the child’s father, who had caught Wells in bed with the child as he returned home. 

“The father, showing enormous restraint, removed the child from the bedroom and secured the child in his vehicle before calling 911,” the release said. 

In the release, Wood applauded the “diligence and dedication” of Assistant Prosecutor Shelly Krueger of the Lincoln County Prosecutor’s Office for ably and skillfully arguing the case, and securing the 20-year sentence on behalf of the state.

“The prosecutor likewise would like to extend his gratitude to the Troy Police Department for their professionalism in investigating this heinous act,” the release said. “The Lincoln County Prosecutor’s office will continue to demonstrate their policy of aggressively pursuing justice for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.”