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Gary Robbins

The ladies from Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri descended on the Troy VFW Post 8828 in October, laden with hand-made quilts to give to a group of local veterans.

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Jacob Beckmann

Jason Beckmann, Paul Dixon, Roger Macom, Larry Robinson and Gary Robbins were the five men chosen to receive the quilts.

“The names are given to us,” said Jean Jaeger, president of Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri. “We ask that they have served in combat or countries we call touched by war.” 

Each one of the quilts is unique, bearing different designs and patterns. The only thing they share are patriotic colors and a little heart sewn onto it, because every quilt was “from our hearts to yours, no politics involved,” quilter Jackie Heggeman said in a release. 

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Larry Robinson

The veterans are always very appreciative, Jaeger said, when they receive the quilts as it’s a recognition of their service to the country. 

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Paul Dixon

Jaeger said the group has been active for almost 15 years; there’s also a national organization with the same name, and though the group works with them, the Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri is an independent group.

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Roger Macom

“These quilt tops are made by the ladies in their home, and they donate them,” Jaeger said. “We’ve donated over 3,000 to date, and all these tops have been donated to us.”

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