A young man died after a car accident on Sunday afternoon close to Hannibal, Missouri. 

According to a police report from the Highway Patrol, Hunter Thorp, 17, and his father Michael Thorp were traveling southbound on Hwy 61 with a truck and camper trailer when the vehicle drove off the left side of the road into the median, overturning the trailer and ejecting both occupants.

The crash occurred at 3:55 pm on Sunday afternoon. Michael Thorp, who was driving, was taken to a nearby hospital and Hunter Thorp was declared dead at the scene at 4:39 by the Marion County Coroner. 

The Thorps live in Troy, Missouri, and Hunter attended Troy Buchanan High School. He would have been a senior in the upcoming school year. The school sent an email to students offering counseling services at the Ninth Grade Center July 1- July 3 from 7am- 3pm, or students can call at 636-366-4450 to talk.

“This is a very difficult time for our school community. Please join us in expressing our deepest sympathies to Hunter’s family,” Principal Brian Brown of TBHS said in the email.

Public Information Officer Eric Brown with Highway Patrol Troop B shared that they haven’t determined the cause for why the vehicle went off the road. 

“We have called the crash team to come investigate. Those officers have specialized training and use more advanced equipment, which allows them to get much more detail about what happened compared to our average officer,” Brown said.

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