Bree Harper

Bree Harper

Lincoln County, Mo. - Bree Harper, a local teen, has her eyes set on a white Chevy Silverado for her first car. She is planning on purchasing this car herself and is selling her paintings and artwork to do it.

Her mom, Katie Harper, posted on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in having anything painted by her daughter, who first began painting as a creative outlet.

“It was a really creative thing to do at the time,” Harper explained.

As her 16th birthday draws near, she wants to utilize her pastime to make some money to save for the car she has her eyes set on.

Harper paints and sketches a wide variety of subject matter, but she likes painting one subject in particular.

“I usually do stuff that involves animals,” Harper said.

Those interested in seeing more or potentially purchasing one of Harper’s paintings can connect with her mom, Katie Harper, on Facebook.

“They can message my mom on Facebook, and she can probably give them my phone number to get a hold of me,” said Harper.