Moscow Mills has received an invitation for one of its officers to join a regional Cyber Crime Task Force serving Lincoln, St. Charles, Pike and other nearby counties. 

“We’ve been moving closer and closer to a very highly-trained and professional police force in Moscow Mills over the recent years, and it’s being noticed,” Moscow Mills Mayor Patrick Flannigan said at the Jan. 13 Board of Aldermen meeting. 

The Cyber Crime Task Force serves seven counties in total, and it focuses on a variety of crime, including active investigations into people using the internet to prey on children and minors. 

“It’s an incredible honor, especially for a department our size, to even get this opportunity to work on it,” Moscow Mills Chief of Police Terry Foster said. Having a part in the organization would provide Moscow Mills with access to equipment, knowledge and resources it wouldn’t normally have or be able to afford, Foster said. 

The officer would be working out of St. Charles County, and would be cross-deputized by the county and the FBI. 

“They’re part of the Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, the FBI Task Force, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, all those things are encompassed in this,” Foster said. “The good thing is, it’s still our officer, we can take them back at any time we want to.”

For participating in the task force, Moscow Mills would receive $35,000 to cover that officer’s salary during their time with the unit, which is a requested minimum of two years. Overtime for that officer is also paid by the task force as well, if it is required, and a personal car is provided. 

Foster asked the Board of Aldermen on Jan. 13 to approve of sending an officer to the task force, as well as for permission to hire another police officer to fill that opening on the force. With the money from the task force, hiring a new police officer would still cost the city $13,400 per year. 

“For the amount of money that it would cost us overall in the budget it’s an incredible opportunity,” Foster said. 

The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a motion to authorize a Moscow Mills officer to move to the Cyber Crime Task Force, and to find a replacement at the cost of $13,400 per year.

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