Penny (right) is not only reunited with her human family but her best friend Daisy (left).

With all the negatives in the World, it is nice to hear a happy ending to a story, especially when its main character is a dog.  

Fur babies whether it be a cat or a dog, or really any animal people find agape love with them.  Webster’s Dictionary defines agape love as selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love and not to mention agape shows up in the Bible.  

So when one’s companion is missing no matter the time of day, nor the season the World tends to stop.

These last few weeks the weather has been record breaking not only in temps, but snowfall. One evening when the temperature was a balmy four degrees with a wind chill of -12, a small beagle named Penny found herself wandering in the woods of rural Eolia searching for her family.  She was cold and hungry when she spotted a house, and let me tell you, when she found that house her prayers were answered. With icicles hanging from her mouth and shivering uncontrollably Penny went up to the patio door, scratching until she convinced home owners, Carolyn and Bob Gregory to let her in.

In weather not fit for man nor beast, Penny had hit the lottery with the Gregory’s. Not only did she get fed a pork chop and mashed potatoes, she got a warm towel to wrap up in and get warm, warm enough to fall asleep in the arms of Carolyn. 

Because Penny’s owners took great care of her, the collar she wore had a number to call PETLINK that was able to connect the Gregory’s to her owners.  No sooner than they got off the phone the Sachs family was on their way to pick her up, even leaving work to do so.  The Sachs family had recently moved from Jonesburg to High Hill.

So many things about this story make it wonderful, with a happy ending.  Penny’s owners live 43 miles away from Gregory’s home, which makes you wonder how that dog managed to travel all that way. 

The mom in the Sachs family is a nurse who has spent the last 11 months helping others, while this complete stranger helped her family, including twin three year old boys, reunite with their pet they had been missing terribly.

When contacted the Sachs family expressed their sincere gratitude to the Gregory’s for opening their home to Penny and saving her from the elements of ‘Old Man Winter’. 

It was clear Penny had been raised in a caring and loving home, because before she left, in a dog kind of a way, she went over to Carolyn to tell her thank you for the hospitality.