The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a suspicious and bizarre case in Elsberry.

On Dec. 12, skeletal remains were found in a vehicle on Fox Run Road. According the Sheriff’s Office, the body had been in the car for several months before being discovered.

The case began when the Elsberry Police Department arrested a woman who was driving a stolen truck and possessing methamphetamine.

After a check of the registration, officers went to the residence and located the remains inside the vehicle.

The remains have not yet been positively identified,  and Lincoln County Coroner’s Office has not released the name of the victim to the public at this time.

During the time after the victim’s death, as many as two dozen people have been identified by the Sheriff’s Office as using the death as an opportunity to steal from the home of the deceased.

Sheriff Rick Harrell said some of the property has been recovered, but it is highly disturbing a body could sit in a car for months while dozens of people could go in and out of that person’s residence to steal from it.

“It remains unclear what events transpired in connection with the death, but what is certain at this point is that a group of criminal opportunists have taken advantage of a situation that presented itself to them,” Harrell said. “This is one of those cases that as law enforcement we encounter far too often that shocks the conscience.”

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information on this case can contact Det. Sean Bell at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at (636) 528-8546, extension 3247.