The Missouri Republican Party, acting with the approval of the Republican National Committee, has cancelled County Caucus meetings in Missouri, scheduled for April 4. This action was taken to protect the health of Missourians as recommended by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).  The CDC urges people to avoid crowds of 50 or more people.  The White House has urged people to avoid meetings of more than 10 people.

The Missouri Republican Party has not cancelled the Congressional District Conventions (May 30) or the State Convention (June 20) at this time.  It is, therefore, necessary to elect slates of delegates and alternates to attend the Congressional District and State Conventions.                                                                                

As prescribed by the Missouri Republican Party, instead of holding a caucus attended by potentially hundreds of voters, the Lincoln County Caucus will be conducted by the Lincoln County Republican Central Committee by teleconference on Saturday, April 4. 

Individuals who wish to offer amendments to the State Party’s draft platform may submit platform suggestions on-line to the Missouri Republican Party.  All suggestions will be considered by the State Party Platform Committee.  The Central Committee will not be voting on platform amendments during our teleconference meeting on April 4.

Lincoln County is entitled to send 19 delegates and 19 alternates to the 3rd Congressional and State Convention.  We want to be sure that Lincoln County is fully represented at all Conventions.  At this time, 

I encourage all to assume the current state of emergency will abate in time for the Republican Conventions on May 30 and June 20.