Lincoln County Veterans Day Remembrance

Troy, Mo. – Guest speaker Brig. Gen. Marty Gray said Veterans Day is a “reflection of those who stood up to serve their country.”

High winds and cool temperatures did not deter Lincoln County from honoring those men and women. County veterans groups held its annual Veterans Day remembrance at 11:11 a.m. on Nov. 11 at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Troy. 

“Some paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Gray said. “Some paid a lesser price, but we all made a physical, mental and emotional sacrifice to protect this country.”

Gray, a 32-year servicemember who serves as deputy commander of the U.S. Army’s 35th Infantry, told the large crowd who gathered only a small group of Americans have served in the military, only six percent, according to statistics, so to be a veteran is to be part of a rare group of people with rare experiences to share.

“Not everybody understands what a ‘shark attack’ is at boot camp,” he said. “Not everybody has laid in that bunk on that first night wondering ‘what did I get myself into?’

“I want to thank those who laid in that bunk saying, ‘what have I gotten myself into?’”

Gray took time to thank the families who supported the servicemembers during their time in duty, saying they served along with the men and women in uniform.

Gray personally honored the Vietnam veterans in attendance, saying they were wronged during their time in service decades ago, but they are finally getting the respect they deserve in the present.

“The difference between the Vietnam-era veterans, and the ones who served in my era, is when we came home, we came home to cheers and people who respected us,” said Gray, who will be deploying to Kuwait as part of Operation Spartan Shield in 2022. “They weren’t – and that’s a shame. They did what they had to do for their country, and followed the orders they were told to follow.

“It’s great they’re finally being recognized for their service today.”