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Troy woman held on drug charges

On July 1, Lincoln County prosecutors charged a Troy woman after a traffic stop the night before.

After a traffic stop on Highway 47 at around 8 p.m. on June 30, a Troy police officer noticed the driver, Breanna Jones, 26, acting nervously, so he asked both passengers to step out of the vehicle.

A consent search of Jones’ purse located a coin purse with five orange pills containing fentanyl. She was placed in handcuffs, and transported to the Lincoln County Jail.

Upon arrival at the jail, the officer asked Jones if she had any other contraband on her person. She said she had a smoking pipe in her bra – and nothing else.

However, the officer did not believe her, and a further search of Jones at the jail from a female corrections officer found a clear plastic bag containing 15 more fentanyl pills.

Jones was charged with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance inside a correctional facility.


Elsberry woman charged with fleeing 

Lincoln County prosecutors on July 1 charged an Elsberry woman with assault stemming from a chase nearly two years ago.

On Nov. 17, 2019, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the 700 block of Highway KK in response to a theft of a phone. GPS reported the phone was at that location.

When the deputy walked toward the rear of a gray GMC Envoy, the female driver, later identified as 37-year-old Kristen Boles, accelerated the vehicle in reverse, nearly striking the deputy, then turned around and accelerated forward on the highway.

A chase began north on KK, then onto Highway 61, before turning west on Old Auburn Road. The chase then continued on Highway E before ending on South Millcreek Road, where Boles and her passenger were arrested.

Boles has been charged with resisting arrest by fleeing, creating a substantial risk of serious injury or death to any person.


Elsberry man facing drug, traffic charges

Lincoln County prosecutors hit an Elsberry man with multiple charges on July 2 for offenses he allegedly committed nearly two years ago.

On Aug. 11, 2019, a MHSP trooper pulled over a red GMC Canyon. When the trooper spoke to the driver, Glenn Reed, 52, Reed acted suspiciously and could not locate his license.

He also acted under the influence of drugs, but consented to a search of the vehicle.

As the trooper went to the driver’s side, Reed tried to hide something in his pocket, but the trooper stopped him, and ordered him out of the vehicle.

After securing him in handcuffs, a search located Hydrocodone and Clonazepam on his person.

One month later, on Sept. 16, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the same red GMC truck driving east on Highway 47 with the same broken tail assembly.

The deputy made a traffic stop, and Reed was driving. He did not have a driver’s license, nor proof of insurance, and was placed under arrest.

Reed has been charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and two counts of driving while suspended. 

To date, Reed has been convicted of driving while suspended nine times.


Elsberry man charged with domestic assault

At around 3:13 a.m. on July 5, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the 800 block of Broadway Extension for a domestic disturbance.

On the way, Lincoln County Communications advised the deputy that a man, later identified as 35-year-old David Wallace, was taking the phone from the victim to tell law enforcement everything was okay – and she no longer needed assistance.

When the deputy arrived at the residence to speak with the victim, she told him she and Wallace had gotten into an argument got into an argument while driving home after watching fireworks at a friend’s house.

Once they arrived at their residence, Wallace began to choke her. When she was able to free herself, she was able to call for help. 

Wallace has active warrants through the St. Charles Department of Corrections and the St. Charles Police Department. He has been charged with second-degree domestic assault.


Wentzville man facing drug delivery charge

On July 1, at approximately 8:10 p.m., a Troy police officer pulled over a white Cadillac for driving erratically on East Highway 47.

After the driver, 35-year-old Shane Crew of Wentzville, denied consenting to a search of the vehicle, the officer called in the K9 unit, which responded to the location.

The open-air search detected the presence of contraband. A probable cause search located a gray bag containing over $900 in cash, and over $350 in the center console. Two other officers found a second gray bag with two clear, airtight containers. 

One contained what was later proved to be marijuana, and the other contained 25 grams of what was later tested to be methamphetamine.

Crew has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance. He was found guilty of the same charge in 2006.


Troy man facing weapons charge

At about 1:56 a.m. on July 3, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the 300 block of Glen Forest Drive in response to a domestic disturbance.

When the deputy arrived at the residence, he made contact with the suspect, Tyler Counts, 32, who spoke with a slur and was evasive during questioning.

Counts denied having any type of physical altercation with the victim, but stated he did grab a firearm at one point during an argument. Counts said the firearm was unloaded, and it might be in the garage.

The deputy located the firearm, a Walther PPS nine-millimeter pistol, in the garage. There were three live rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty.

When the deputy spoke to the victim, she said after a party, an argument began between Counts and her. Counts then knocked her down, and grabbed his pistol.

He then knocked her down again, and pointed it at her.

Counts has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon by exhibiting.


Foley woman charged with drug possession

Lincoln County prosecutors have charged a Foley woman after her role in a January burglary.

On Jan. 12, members of the Multi-County Narcotics and Violent Crimes Enforcement Unit were given information about a vehicle that was used in a burglary that was being investigation by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The next day, that vehicle was spotted at Joanne Drive at Highway Y in Foley, with Amber Ammon, 33, driving. Ammon was asked to step out of the vehicle, which she complied.

The deputy noticed a foreign object protruding from her left bra cup. When he asked Ammon what it was, she admitted it was around two grams of methamphetamine, and she removed it gave it to the deputy.

Lab results from the Missouri State Highway Patrol returned positive for methamphetamine on June 30, and Ammon was charged on July 2 with drug possession.


Foley man facing drug, traffic charges

On July 1, the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged a Foley man after a traffic stop that occurred a year earlier.

On June 23, 2020, a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper initiated a stop at Route KK near Walker Road. Consent to search the vehicle, the driver, Joshua Spangler, 43 and his passenger were given.

The search of Spangler discovered a glass-smoking pipe containing a white crystal substance, later tested and proven to be methamphetamine. 

Spangler was also facing a charge of driving while revoked at the time he was being arrested.

Spangler has been charged with drug possession and operating a vehicle without a valid time, third offense.


(All persons charged of a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law).