Crime report

St. Louis man held on weapons charge

According to a probable cause statement, at around 10:36 p.m. on March 25, Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence on Charlotte Drive for a domestic disturbance in progress with Jordan Smith, 21, sitting inside a silver vehicle with two handguns.

Upon arrival, the deputies saw Smith leave his vehicle and start banging on the door of a nearby trailer. The deputies took Smith into custody without incident.

The deputies made contact with the victim, who said she got into an argument with Smith. Smith then threw a cheeseburger into the wall, and punched her twice in the face. 

The victim said she called her mother, who came to get her. Smith then said profanities to the two of them, went to his vehicle, cocked two guns and said, “you’re lucky” to them, before returning to his car.

The victim’s mother verified the conversation with her daughter to the deputies, and said when she and her son walked to the door to meet with the victim, Smith was heading to his car and grabbed his handguns.

The victim’s mother told Smith to calm down, and after a few moments, Smith went back to his vehicle. She said she was in fear for all of their lives.

Deputies found two loaded handguns in plain view in the passenger front seat of Smith’s vehicle.

In an interview at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Smith denied punching the victim, or drawing his weapons on anyone. He said he always carries his guns for protection.

Smith has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon.


Winfield woman charged with bringing meth into the Lincoln County Jail

On March 25, at about 3:10 a.m., a Troy police officer saw a Hyundai Accent with window tint, which appeared to be darker than allowed by Missouri law.

A computer check on the license plate found the license plate belonged to a Honda passenger vehicle, and a traffic stop was made on Highway 61, just south of South Lincoln Drive.

When the officer asked the driver, 33-year-old Stephanie Mackenburg, who the vehicle belonged to, she said “a friend.”

A background check showed Mackenburg had an active, no bond, probation and parole warrant for her arrest, and she was placed in handcuffs without incident. Mackenburg is currently under probation with electronic monitoring after pleading guilty to three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Before she was placed in the patrol vehicle, and again before she entered the Lincoln County Jail, the officer asked Mackenburg if she had anything illegal on her that shouldn’t go into the jail. Both times, Mackenburg said, “no, I don’t have anything.”

Mackenburg was transported to the jail, and booked on her outstanding warrant. While she was changing into jail clothes, Mackenburg was noticed by a corrections officer concealing a clear plastic bag against her breast, and was forced to hand the bag over.

The bag was handed over to the police officer, and it tested positive for methamphetamine.

Mackenburg has been charged with delivery or possession of a controlled substance at a correctional facility.


Troy man charged with drug possession


On March 29, Lincoln County prosecutors have charged a Troy man with drug possession after an incident from last summer.

At around 8 a.m. on Aug. 16, 2020, a Troy police officer pulled over a white van heading southbound on Highway 61 for failing to have a front license plate.

After speaking with the driver, Gerri Dutton, and the passenger, 27-year-old TJ Bostick, the officer noticed a small yellow baggie in clear view on the dashboard, which turned out to be methamphetamine.

The officer told Dutton to step out of the vehicle, but in the process, Dutton attempted to put two white capsules in a box on the dashboard. The officer told her to hand the pills to him, but she dropped them into her purse before stepping out of the vehicle.

After she was detained, Bostick was also detained. Dutton admitted the white pills were heroin. When asked if he had any heroin on him, Bostick said no, but he said the methamphetamine was his. They gave the officer consent to search the vehicle.

A subsequent search located another bag of methamphetamine on the floor between the driver’s seat and passenger seat, as well as another bag of heroin.

Bostick has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Dutton has not been charged at this time for the Lincoln County charges, but she is facing separate charges in St. Charles County.


O’Fallon man charged with driving while revoked

Lincoln County prosecutors charged a St. Charles County resident on March 29 with driving on a suspended license, first offense, after a traffic stop last fall.

On Sept. 6, 2020, a Missouri State Highway Patrolman was driving northbound on Highway 79 when he saw a black Lincoln MKS heading southbound with expired plates.

Upon pulling over the vehicle, the driver, Rahiem Porter, 24, said he did not have a valid driver’s license and showed the trooper a state identification card. A computer check showed Porter’s driving privileges had been suspended since September of 2016.

Further investigation showed the vehicle registration had expired in April of 2020.


Winfield man charged with drug possession

At approximately 2:20 p.m., on March 28, a Missouri State Highway Patrolman was traveling on Highway 61 near Route B, when he saw a grey Pontiac Grand Am that was familiar to him from a previous incident the trooper had responded to earlier in the month.

The vehicle belonged to Rachel Bennett, and in that previous incident, Bennett had suffered an overdose. Also at the residence during that previous incident was Benjamin Barnett, 27, who possessed an AK-47, and regularly threated to shoot law enforcement officers who encountered him. During that incident, Barnett was arrested on outstanding warrants.

During the March 28 incident, the trooper pulled over the Pontiac. A license check revealed Bennett’s driving privileges were currently suspended. The trooper identified Barnett as well, and asked Bennett if Barnett was okay to drive the vehicle.

When the trooper tried to talk to Barnett, Barnett acted suspiciously, curling into a ball and saying he had COVID-19. However, he didn’t show symptoms of the disease, but EMS was called due to procedure.

As first responders were on route, the trooper asked for consent to search Barnett, which was granted. A small wrapper containing a $20 bill with a baggie of methamphetamine wrapped inside was found inside his right front pocket.

Barnett claimed the jeans did not belong to him, as EMS came onto the scene and took custody of him. At the hospital, EMS treated him for tooth pain.

A probable cause search of the Pontiac began. The trooper attempted to open the glove box, but it was locked. When he was finally able to open the glove box, he found a handgun with the serial number filed off. Both Bennett and Barnett denied ownership of the firearm – and the investigation still continues.

Barnett was released back into the custody of the trooper. He has been charged for possession of a controlled substance.

Since the start of 2021, Barnett has been arrested on three separate occasions on active warrants for failure to appear in court. 


Hawk Point man charged with two counts of harassment 

On March 29, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at a residence in Hawk Point for reports of harassment and threats from a man who said his sister’s ex-boyfriend, Jesse Lee, 27, left numerous voice messages threatening to kill him, or hire someone else to kill him.

The victim said Lee has shown up to his residence with a gun and threatened to kill him in the past. The voice messages were taken into evidence by the Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy spoke to Lee’s ex-girlfriend, who confirmed the threatening messages to her brother – and said Lee had also made threats to her, saying he would burn down her house, and even threatened other members of their family.

The deputy then spoke with the mother, who said Lee threatened to kill her husband, and has parked his vehicle across the street from their residence at the 1600 block of Highway A on several occasions.

The victim’s wife said she in the home with their children the night Lee showed up with a gun, and threatened to kill her husband. 

Lee was arrested later that evening by deputies at his home after fleeing and failing to yield while the investigation was being conducted at the victim’s residence.

Lee is currently on probation and wearing a GPS ankle monitor for prior domestic abuse charges against his ex-girlfriend. He has continued to threaten, harass and taunt the family – even with a no-contact order in place as part of his probation.

Lee drove by the house three times while the deputy was at the scene with the victim and his family.

Lee has been charged with two counts of harassment in the first degree, and was held on a cash-only, $20,000 bond, which was increased to a $500,000 bond with conditions.

(All persons charged of a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law).