Crime Report

St. Charles woman held on property damage charges

On April 9, Lincoln County prosecutors have charged a St. Charles woman with property damage she committed while incarcerated in the Lincoln County Jail.

On March 23, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report from corrections officers Molly Linhardt, 25, was in video court and became upset over something the judge said, so she started tearing up the room.

The corrections officer played surveillance video of the incident, which showed Linhardt attempting to damage two computer screens, push a desk around the room, and then grab a wall-mounted 32-inch flat-screen TV, attempting to rip it from the wall.

Linhardt was charged on Dec. 28 with stealing property valued at $750 or more and unlawful use of a weapon inside of a public building. She has now been charged with property damage by a corrections inmate.


Winfield woman charged with domestic assault

A Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to 300 block of East Elm Street in Winfield in response to a disturbance on April 11.

Once arriving, the deputy met with the victim, who said she heard she heard her roommate, Maggie Newman, 34, screaming from inside the residence. 

The victim said she walked inside and started closing the windows. When she attempted to close Newman’s window, the victim said Newman started yelling at her and attempted a punch – but missed.

The victim then said Newman pushed her onto the bed, and starting pulling her hair out “by the handfuls.”

The victim then said Newman started choking her before she was able to pull free and contact law enforcement.

The deputy noticed a red mark on the victim’s neck, and the victim’s hair was disheveled. 

When he spoke to Newman, she said there was no disturbance – and was unaware of what was going on. A background check on Newman showed three warrants from St. Charles County. Two of them were extraditable out of St. Charles City and Wentzville.

Newman was arrested, handcuffed and searched for weapons. While attempting to place her in the patrol car, Newman tried to bite the deputies.

Newman was transported to Mercy Hospital Lincoln before for a fit of confinement before eventually taken to the Lincoln County Jail for booking. She has been charged with second-degree domestic assault.


Troy man held on drug charges

At approximately 5:25 a.m. on April 13, a Troy police officer was dispatched to a local gas station at the 500 block of South Lincoln Drive in reference to a subject sleeping behind the wheel of a running vehicle parked at a gas pump.

The officer knocked on the driver’s side window to attempt to wake up the driver, 30-year-old James Dains. As medical personnel arrived, the officer asked Dains to step out of the vehicle to allow the medics to ask him a few questions.

Dains said he had not been drinking or doing drugs, and was not in need of any medical attention. Dains said he was living in St. Louis City, and he had driven to the area to meet up with a friend for sex, and had fallen asleep waiting for her.

A background check revealed Dains was on probation for possession of a controlled substance. After being given consent to search Dains’ vehicle, the officer opened the hood, and found the plastic battery cover loose.

The officer opened the battery cover – and found a black, watertight and magnetic box, which is not part of the vehicle. When the box was opened, there were three plastic bags containing methamphetamine. There was also another plastic bag containing 21 white Xanax pills.

Dains has been charged with first-degree drug trafficking and delivery of a controlled substance.

Dains has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2010. He has pleaded guilty to multiple theft, burglary, drug and forgery crimes.

(All persons charged of a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law).