St. Charles County man charged

On Feb. 10, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call on the 70 block of Highway TT in Silex at around 6:40 p.m. for a domestic disturbance. 

Upon arrival, the deputy found the suspect, Billy Scarlet, 45, of O’Fallon, inside of a driveway. Scarlet told the deputy he was involved in a verbal altercation with the victim, who threw a deck chair at his vehicle, which caused damage to his windshield. He also said he tried calling her, but she would not take his calls, so he went to the residence.

The deputy contacted the victim, who said Scarlet knocked on her back door. She said she told him to leave multiple times when he started yelling at her and headed toward his car. 

Once Scarlet went back to his car, she felt safe to come out and started yelling back at him, cussing and screaming at his. Scarlet had the window down, and grabbed a gun from the right side of the vehicle. After more yelling and threats, Scarlet began to exit the vehicle.

The victim ran toward the house, where she knew her cousin was on the phone. She alerted Scarlet had a gun, and it was then the victim threw the chair at Scarlet, striking the windshield.

Scarlet told the deputy he had an unloaded handgun under the front seat of his vehicle, which was seized as evidence.

Scarlet was arrested and charged with domestic assault in the second degree.


Wright City man charged

Lincoln County prosecutors have arrested and charged a Wright City man with first-degree tampering of a motor vehicle stemming from a December incident.

On Dec. 28, Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers stopped a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada because the registration did not match the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Trapper John Rawls, 30, of Wright City.

A background check revealed Rawls had numerous warrants for failure to appear from the state of Washington. However, they were inactive due to COVID-19. Rawls’ license was also suspended from Washington State.

The trooper noticed Rawls was acting suspiciously, and the trooper asked for, and received consent to search the vehicle. The subsequent search discovered a red straw that had been cut in half and contained a white substance, along with three unused hypodermic needles.

Rawls admitted he had used methamphetamine earlier in the day, and had been using for around a month, but denied the straw was his. He was released from the scene.

The next day, a subject reported to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office the Bravada was stolen on Dec. 22. At the time of the traffic stop, Rawls had been in possession of the vehicle.


(All persons charged of a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law).