On July 25, lemonade and baked goods were sold as part of a fundraiser called “Lemonade for Lil’ Lou,” to help 10-year-old Lou Seiler and the Lamarche/Seiler family take care of medical bills and other expenses due to brain surgery the child had last month. 

“It’s been expensive, especially during this time,” said Jamie Schowmaker, a friend of the family who held the fundraiser on South Lincoln Avenue in Troy along with her boyfriend, Jesse Atwater. “I don’t think his mom’s has been able to go back to work (since the surgery).”

On June 20, the day before Father’s Day, “Lil’ Lou” Seiler was rushed to the hospital severely vomiting. Unfortunately, it turned out he had suffered a stroke, and a blood clot was removed from his brain during emergency surgery later that evening. It was also revealed Seiler suffered from ulcerative colitis.

In the month since the surgery, Seiler has lost a great deal of his speech and language skills. He will need significant speech therapy to regain those skills, as well as a great deal of physical therapy to relearn the motor skills on the right side of his body.

“I’ve never heard of a kid having UC, but I’ve never heard of a 10-year-old having a stroke either,” Schowmaker said. “You never know though, and that’s scary.”

In addition to both regular and strawberry lemonade, homemade baked goods were also offered for sale, including chocolate chip cookies, mini pineapple upside-down cakes, cupcakes, lemon pound cakes, cookie cakes, fudge brownies, cheesecake brownies, apple pies and strawberry pies.

Around $300 was raised at the fundraiser. Schowmaker said a maybe better location should have been picked, but they did well, considering the extreme heat.

“We’ve done okay. We probably should have set up near the Farmer’s Market,” she said. “It’s not going to cover the medical bills by any stretch, but every little bit helps.”

Interested persons who would like to donate to “Lil’ Lou’s” fundraiser, can join a Facebook group created for the cause, “Lil Lou’s Warrior Crew.” A Go Fund Me page with the same name has also been created for donations.

Schowmaker also said she is planning a future fundraiser involving a car wash and a bake sale later this summer.