Stolen property

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office shows property recovered when detectives executed a search warrant on two storage lockers outside of Troy on June 7. The property is part of a series of burglaries and thefts totaling over $25,000. 

Lincoln County, Mo. – In what is still an ongoing investigation, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office recovered stolen property on June 7 as part of a burglary ring.

According to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office, a search warrant was executed on two storage lockers outside of Troy resulting in the recovery of stolen property valued at over $25,000.

Detectives were able to obtain the warrant through a tip from a Lincoln County citizen, and the LCSO was able to locate the property before the suspects could move the items.

Lincoln County Sheriff Rick Harrell said citizens would soon be able to report anonymous tips on crimes in the area by using the LCSO’s new crime-mapping software at by clicking a link on the map.

Harrell is hoping the community gets involved even more to bring more criminals to justice.

“Detectives are currently working to put these items into the hands of their rightful owners,” Harrell said. “Investigators are prepared to do their part, but it’s only through the cooperation of Lincoln County citizens, that we will be able to find justice to victims of crime.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the identities of the suspects were not released as of press time due to pending charged.