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Lincoln County, Mo. - The Lincoln County Health Department held a session on the afternoon of Oct. 1 over a potential mask mandate that would require all students, faculty and visitors of public schools to wear a facial covering on school property and public school buses. 

A large crowd showed up to the meeting to protest the mandate. Parents, board members and political candidate Becky Martin spoke to the board against the mask mandate. 

“I am running for state representative for District 41 as a Libertarian candidate. I would like to ask as elected officials if you guys understand that the position you are in is to represent the people who elected you. It is obvious the people don’t want mask mandates,” Martin said as she addressed the board.

Some concerns came from individuals who claimed that masks do not work, with several individuals believing that masks can cause oxygen deprivation and CO2 intoxication; others cited that it is up to the schools to decide the proper course of action in the event of an outbreak.

Parents also stated that while masks might work, children do not wear them properly, and wearing them for extended periods does more harm than good in terms of societal and mental development. 

The board decided not to move forward with the mask mandate. This decision was met with cheers from those attending the meeting and those outside the building to protest the mandate.