On Sept. 16, the Lincoln County Council on Aging buried a bit of its past to share with its future.

A time capsule was buried on the grounds of LCCOA headquarters on Boone Street in Troy, provided free of charge by Flynn Drilling Company. 

Inside the air and watertight container are other containers filled with mementos of the present donated by members of the community, with the container to be opened in 10 years.

A ceremony was held three days earlier, but the burial of the time capsule was delayed due to heavy rain over the weekend. 

“Today, we are planting more than a stainless-steel vault,” said Lindsey Kelley, fundraising and growth coordinator for LCCOA. “We are preserving cherished memories, treasures of our past – and hopes for the future.”

Kelley said she had a speech written for the occasion, but after hearing the stories of the senior citizens who contributed to the time capsule, she became curious about the next decade – and even a little fearful.

“Some might think 10 years isn’t that long, but think for a moment about where you were 10 years ago,” Kelley said.

Kelley humorously said just over the last couple of months, everyone has seen things such as murder hornets, firenados, in addition to a global pandemic and social unrest. 

However, through it all, she said the country – and the area – has persevered.

“Yes, this year has changed a lot for many of us, whether it be our perspective on work, school or life in general,” Kelley said. “As individuals, families – and even businesses – we’ve had to make changes to our everyday lives due to COVID-19, but throughout this, many have found new outlets on social media, or even took time to explore hobbies or interests you never had before.

“In fact, many of you signed up for LCCOA, delivering meals to neighbors in need.”

Kelley said LCCOA’s time capsule would give future generations a glimpse of life in 2020, because one knows what the future holds, so it’s good to live in the moment and try to let go of what is uncertain.

“Our lives are made and changed every moment,” she said. “Twists and turns of fate often come without warning, but how we live through these wonders is what makes us who we are.”