Starting the last week of October and running through the end of the year, the Lincoln County Ambulance District (LCAD) will be hitting the road for a county-wide listening tour in hopes of getting the “pulse of the community.”

“This is our opportunity to listen to the public and see what their input is on how the ambulance district should move forward,” LCAD Chief Administrator Ray Antonacci said.

This listening tour comes off the back of a voting down of Prop. Ambulance, a proposed tax increase to help fund the growth of the ambulance district.

“Everybody wants more ambulance service. No doubt about that. It’s just, how do we pay for it?” Antonacci said.

Most of the criticisms that Antonacci and his staff heard from Lincoln County residents regarded the way that the proposition would be funded: a tax increase with no sunset clause on the tax that they were looking for – no end date.

“So how do we accomplish the same goal of putting more ambulances and more paramedics on the road in a way that the citizens can accept?” Antonacci said.

He said that this is completely an opportunity for him and his staff to listen to anyone who has any input on the matter, without the need to pitch or protect an already proposed plan, and Antonacci said that this wasn’t his staff going out and campaigning, just strictly listening. A third party, not employed by LCAD, will be mediating the events for an atmosphere of total neutrality and impartiality.

“It’s so people can speak out without me being there. So people can speak openly,” Antonacci said.

Currently, Troy, Winfield, Elsberry, Auburn and Hawk Point will host PULSE 2020 groups and those meetings will, according to Antonacci, most likely be held in the community rooms of the LCAD bases.

The meetings will be approximately one hour long and seats for each PULSE 2020 group are limited to 6-12 participants at each location. 

More groups and areas may be developed depending on community interest.  To sign up as a PULSE 2020 participant, please contact

For more information, call Ray Antonacci at 636-528-8488, ext. 302.

“The main thing here is not to dwell on the past. Lets move forward and listen to the citizens,” Antonacci said.