Scales of Justice

Troy, Mo. - A Lincoln County jury has sentenced a Troy man to 10 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections after convicting him Thursday night at the Lincoln County Justice Center.

A jury took just over three hours to find Kevin Kiderlen, 44, guilty as charged on one count of first-degree rape and one count of first-degree sodomy of a woman while she was unconscious in his home on March 8, 2019.

Reactions were varied, as Lincoln County Assistant Prosecutors John Robert Krehmeyer and Tamma Keim hugged the victim after the verdict was read.

Kiderlen sat in his chair and showed no emotion when the verdict was read, but was resigned and composed throughout.

Several witnesses testified for the prosecution during the second day of testimony for the prosecution, including Troy Det. Lt. Roger Mauzy and Ellisville Det. Tony Stewart, who was a sex crimes investigator for the Troy Police Department at the time.

Mauzy testified Kiderlen admitted to “taking advantage of the victim,” the first time in a 20-year career he had ever seen such an excited utterance in an interrogation, which was witnessed on video.

Also several witnesses testified to sending text messages among Kiderlen, the victim and themselves regarding the incident – before the prosecution closed its case.

Kiderlen then took the stand in his own defense – and in a tense cross-examination with Krehmeyer, he said he blamed himself for everything, but said the sex with the victim was consensual.

“I had sex with (the victim), but it wasn’t rape,” Kiderlen said during a loud exchange with Krehmeyer.

Under Missouri sentencing guidelines, it is up to the trial judge to levy the final sentence.

Kiderlen will face The Honorable Milan Berry on Aug. 6 for sentencing, and the jury’s recommendation of the minimum five years on each count of first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy to be served consecutively could be accepted by Berry – or be increased at the judge’s discretion up to life.