Michael Jacobs

Public defender and Lincoln County BAR president Michael Jacobs delivers a speech at a spaghetti dinner held in support of his upcoming bid to be a Judge in the county.

Lincoln County, Mo. - With campaigning season having just begun, hopeful individuals are vying for the holeshot of their respective races. Some are passing out flyers, others are hosting ice cream socials, but for Michael Jacobs, his avenue of growth is a bit messier; get out your napkins and get ready for noodles, its spaghetti dinner time.

Beginning around 5 p.m. last Saturday evening, curious citizens sallied into Troy’s Holiness School's dining hall (which Jacobs rented out for the evening) for a “meet the candidate” event introducing Jacobs. Jacobs, a public defender for Lincoln County and President of the LC Bar association, has been licensed since 2012, and has been practicing in Troy for five years. By the time dinner was served, upwards of 60 people had arrived to meet the candidate for Associate Circuit Judge Division Three.

During the dinner (which was provided by community volunteers), Jacobs spoke to the audience, introducing himself and elucidating on what makes a good judge. From a legal perspective, Jacobs stressed that a good judge balances “Understanding the rights of the victim and the rights of the defendant.” However, he also acknowledged the social responsibility of being a public servant as well. 

Although he originally had three speeches planned, old-fashioned handshaking and visiting (as well as two cakes made by Mrs. Jacobs herself), limited Jacobs to only his one speech. Jacobs was pleased regardless, sharing, “[The event] went better than I even had expected. – The personal connection is always better than yabbin’ ([speaking one-sidedly)] to the group.” 

As several candidates host similar events, the ballot for the upcoming election finds itself packed with names. Jacobs’ opponent in the race is the esteemed incumbent, venerable Judge Gregory Allsberry. Commenting on the electoral competition between himself and Judge Allsberry, Jacobs summed up the democratic process that defines this nation, stating, “I’m not running because I don’t like somebody. Running is good for democracy; people need a choice.” The event concluded not long after 8 p.m. as attendees retired to their next activities for the evening and volunteers cleaned up the hall.